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Is it a bug that x-2 expressions to influence currency style are ignored for a crosstab row?

I'm guessing this is a bug in Crystal Reports, but I figured I would post in case I was just misunderstanding something.

I attached a screen sample of a sample project (VS.NET 2015 and Crystal Reports 13.0.2000.0) that generates a crosstab where two "Rows" and 4 manifestations of a Summarized field have Currency formatting applied. Direct use of "Format Object > Number > Customize > Currency Symbol > Enable Currency Symbol" work in all cases. When I use an X-2 expression to further influence that, it is honored on the Summarized fields. HOWEVER, it is NOT honored on the Row.

The attached image (the-problem.png) highlights the problem. This forum seems to prevent uploading the actual sample project, but I made that available here:

We have a workaround which is to use the cross-tab expert > Rows > Group Options... > Options > Customize Group Name Field > Use a Formula as Group Name and programmatically do our own generation of the text via the X-2 on that. However, we lost a good chunk of time today chasing down this behavior.

So, assuming it is a bug, is this the best channel for reporting it? If it isn't a bug, I would love to understand the rationale.



the-problem.png (187.2 kB)
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    Oct 20, 2017 at 10:16 PM

    Hi Pete,

    There are no SDK API's to get to an object within a crosstab.

    Also, that 13.0.2000.0 is the assembly version and not the patch level. It never changes until SP 21 where we have no updated to 3.5 framework. The Dll version is the version we need to know.

    Also, the built in CR Designer is not a full version of CRD and we don't fix it.

    If you preview the report in CR Designer does it show or not?

    You can get the latest patches from here:


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