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Dec 11, 2007 at 04:40 PM

Cost estimate issue (Urgent!!!!)



While doing the Cost estimate i am getting below error message for Material 'A':

It was showing me cost estimate earlier , but we wanted that for a particular Cost element (already existing in CCS) planning needs to be done and needs to be included in Std cost of material.

I have not touched Cost component strcuture nor the Splitting structure. Everything is in place.

I have added Planning in KP06 for Costcenter and Cost element (non activity related)

Then i did KSS4 - Splitting allocation to activity types

and then KSPI - Price calculation.

After that i am performing the cost estimate it is giving me below error. Can u please help. Even if i have undone what i have done it is giving the same message.

Points would be rewarded imm.


Cost center 1045262000, activity type M_RUN: Actvty price differs fr. cost comp splt

Message no. CK687


For cost center 1045262000/activity type M_RUN, the activity price calculated for price strategy 2 is different from the corresponding primary cost component split.

Possible causes:

You are working in Cost Center Accounting with manually-set activity prices that are included in the iterative activity price calculation.

Rounding error (in this case, notify your system administrator).

System response

Costing ignores the primary cost component split from Cost Center Accounting, and assigns the costs to the product cost estimate through the allocation cost element of the cost component split.