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Dec 11, 2007 at 04:34 PM

looking for answers


Hi All

Iam new to SAP HR can anyone help me in solving the following questions do linkup business process in sap? Is it ALE // pls correct me

2.what are the infotypes used 2 restrict payroll results access to employees?

3.what are the main functions in schema used calculate tax?

4.say if taxable item is missing in the result how can u retain it? do u map various functions of HR in SAP? Is it ASAP methodology //pls explain

6.what is key or knwledge datastructure.any format is for it?

7.can u change the default position no 99999999 to

8.what is the path to create an our own infotype?

9.what is percentage of PF deduction form employer n employee end?

10.what should be the salary range to b eligible to get ESI? Is it 10k //pls correct me

11.what is selection rule in time management?

12.transactioncode to copy organization structure?

13.i read pba7 n pba8 as txn codes to transfer applicant data/then wat abt pb10/pls xplain

14.pls let me know types of payroll periods say monthly weekly etc n no of periods in each

15.out of the following wat is the variable used 2 determine the screen modifications 4 master data // I guess it would b org key //let me know if multiple answer r there


Personnel administrator

Oraganizational key


Payroll area do u configure OM n PA (b brief)? do u activate an employee in IMG?

18.which operation is used on an infotype while configuring personal action n what are other possible operations on an infotype? do u record absence of an employee(name txn code n infotype)? is it pa30 n 2006 it possible 2 record absece 4 an employee without quota? i think no // pls correct me