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Dec 11, 2007 at 03:10 PM

modify View elements data from other view in view set


Is it possiable to access view elements of ONE view from OTHER view in VIEWSET.

Imagine there are 2 views in vieset.

TopView - cell1,1

BottomView,empty view - cell2,1

In TopView There is textbox.User enters data and click continue button.Then the emptyview in cell2,1 is replaced by BottomView.

At this moment the data in TopView need to be reatined.

At present TopView Inputbox is binded to context attribute which inturn mapped to component controller.So data will be reatined in component controller,but it is unable to retain in inputbox in TopView..

1. Please suggest me how to retain the values in view and avoid referesh/reset ?

2. is it possiable to modify/set the data from context and assign the same to Input elements in other views.

3. Is there any use here with Lifespan property "when_visible" here

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