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Fiscal year not closed in Asset Accounting, Fiscal year closed in FI

Oct 20, 2017 at 11:31 AM


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Client has a unique situation where Asset Accounting Fiscal year wasn't closed for 2 years, but FI closing is upto date.

When attempting to close it, they get a list of errors stating "asset is incomplete". I discovered that useful life was blank in these asset masters as the person who created this didn't have asset accountant view.

I managed to enter useful life and that error went away. However, I'm concerned about
the impacts and the next steps to take:

Since most assets can't be depreciated further (can't depreciate past 5% of value) and now that useful life is present, I'm thinking of creating a custom depreciation key with rate 0%. However depreciation run cannot be done again as FY is closed in FI.

Please advice what can be done?

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2 Answers

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Bernhard Kirchner
Oct 23, 2017 at 11:28 AM

Hi Thomas

note 619969 answers your question:

Fiscal year you try to close in FI-AA has already been closed in FI-G/L.
Posting to the already closed fiscal year would cause a different
balance in G/L. This is not acceptable. As a general rule,
fiscal year must be closed for all the Subledgers (including FI-AA)
before closing the fiscal year in FI-G/L. This is one of the main
Accounting Principles, and must always be known by users before
proceeding to the fiscal year closure, as this incorrect handling can
lead to serious inconsistencies in the G/L balance.

Follow the steps from note 619969:

1) Re-open fiscal year in FI-GL (txn OB52)
2) Recalculate values in fixed assets for the whole company code (RAAFAR00).
3) Execute the depreciation posting run (e.g. in special period 13 as an unplanned posting run, that all documents will be posted)
4) Run program for periodic postings. After processing it in test-mode, execute it as an update-run, even if message "no documents to post" occur.
5) Process the fiscal year change (RAJAWE00).
6) Process the year end closing (RAJABS00).

best regards


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Adding to that Mr. Bernhard Answer, from the same note:

If the balance sheet is already testified from the auditor, it is not
allowed to change anything in fixed assets for the already closed
fiscal year anymore. Otherwise you would generate differences.

Example: Fiscal year 2002 is already closed and the Balance sheet is
During RAJABS00 error-message AU070 occurs
It is not possible to reopen fiscal year 2002 in FI-GL anymore.
For further assistance please contact SAP Consulting because
this situation can only occur because of wrong handling.

Thanks and Regards,

Udaykumar P.P.

Udaykumar Pottavathini Oct 21, 2017 at 10:50 AM

Hi Jacob,

The assets were not depreciated since last 2 years?

Sorry I did not understood your current requirement.

Take an example of asset from your list, attach the screen shot of AS03 - depreciation areas, aw01n and further please explain your requirement again, so that it is clear for entire forum.

Thanks and Regards,

Udaykumar P.P.

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I can only provide screenshots by Monday

Asset explorer (AW01N) shows that last posted values for depreciation was in 2013. From 2014 onwards there are some planned values but "No Posted values"

AS03 = They used a custom depreciation key with the feature Depreciation to date.

Does my description help?


Hi Jacob,

Now what is your requirement or what you are trying to achieve?


Udaykumar P.P.

Udaykumar Pottavathini

Hi Udaykumar,

The client wants to close the asset fiscal year via AJAB. How will I go about it, given that FI Fiscal year was closed?




Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your time.

if you want to close the asset fiscal year via AJAB, system will ask to post depreciation for the assets applicable.

Since your FI is already closed, you can not post depreciation.

Now, there is one option as per my knowledge.

a. change dep key to 0000 for the assets

b. close the asset fiscal year using txn AJAB

c. now in the current period use, manual dep posting txn ABAA to post adjustment dep for previous 2 years.

Let me know your inputs on this.

Thanks and Regards,

Udaykumar P.P.