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Moving Solution Manager to cloud, migrate or fresh install?

Oct 20, 2017 at 04:16 PM


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Hi experts, our client is moving their systems to the cloud, what would be the best approach for the Solution Manager system, do a migration or a fresh install? I tried checking old threads but only found ones that dealt with upgrades or install, didn't find one that only had a hardware change scenario.

The Solman system is only used for EWA and other compulsory functionalities like mopz, etc,

Thanks for any inputs.

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Tammy Powlas
Oct 20, 2017 at 04:22 PM

What version are you using? It depends on the requirements too.

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Thank you for replying, we are using version 7.1 and as for requirement, for now the client is using Solution Manager for EWA and for connecting to SAP support for maintenance activities. We also need to enable ChaRM before the migration to cloud is complete.

Our concern is the window to do the migration and finish all of the additional configuration is a bit tight so not sure if doing a fresh install is the best option. I don't have much experience configuring Solution Manager from scratch so I'm worried doing an install and doing all of the configuration again would cause us to fall behind schedule.


My personal opinion to you as below...

Since your client migrating everything to the cloud every hostname and system hardware configuration will change (Including solution manager and target systems). It's better to install new solution manager in the cloud and configure all other target systems against it.

You can keep old solution manager system for reference only. Do not allow to change anything in there keep it as the read-only system.

Thank you



Hi Reynaldo - I think migrating would work; we did it I don't recall there being issues. We weren't trained on Solution Manager but took advantage of the SAP Expert Guided Implementation offerings - I wish I had a link to where those are - that is something to ask SAP Support. Those are free if you have Enterprise Support (and excellent too)


Thanks Tammy and Yogesh for all the inputs, we've decided to go with the migration approach. I'll try to update this thread once we've finished the activity.