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Dec 11, 2007 at 01:02 PM

Context Node ( set values but looks like its overwritten ) ?


Hello Friends,

Actually what I need is storing some values in one method and then access them on one particular action. so as context-node are like collection, I thought to make a context-node lets say ZchkQty with two values Ztitle and ZaviabQty. ( cardinality of node is 1..n )

So I store the values like:



Then I want to access them like followings:

I checked the size and its 1, and actually it should be in my test case atleast 2:


When I check this : wdContext.nodeZchkQty().getZchkQtyElementAt(i).getZtitle() then this contains the 2nd and last title, not the first one ?

I guss I am overwritting in the context node, what is the right way to store values in the context node ?