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Former Member
Dec 11, 2007 at 12:26 PM

Process order confirmation date


Hi all,

I am making a Zreport in PP along with the ABAPER for my client. In the report output there is one column named as "Actual finish date" which as the name suggests is the process order finished date for confirmation.

For this I am using "GLTRI actual finish date" field from AFKO table. But in this table many of the process orders are showing the date as "00:00:0000" even though the process order is confirmed & in the order header some value for actual finish date field -GLTRI is there.

When i see the same order in S021 the same field shows some date value.

Since some ABAP coding is done I want to use only AFKO & not S021.

Can any body help me to solve the problem of GLTRI not getting updated in AFKO.


Manish Phatak