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Former Member
Dec 11, 2007 at 12:14 PM

BPM Design


Hi All,

We have a scenario to integrate R/3 and a Webservice using PI 7.0 SP 13.

Using the block step in parforeach mode to send the messages in parallel mode.

Following are the steps involved in our scenario to design the BPM.

1.Receive the RFC (So this is synchrounous) so we opened a sync/async bridge

2.Transformation step to get the target message into a multiline container.

3.Depending on the number of records in this container a block step with Parforeach mode

is created.

4.In this block we have a receive step to get a message

5.Send step to send the message to the webserver and get the response.

6.Transformation step to map this response and also the message of the RFC to the Webservice format.

7.Send step to send the message to the webserver and get the reponse

8.Container stpe to collect the messages as this is in block (parforeach mode) it will collect all the responses.

9.Close the sync/async bridge

Please let me know whether the design is correct.