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Error Lista de Partidas Abiertas (ODBC - 2004)

Hola a Todos.

estoy Presentando algunos adj inconvenientes con determinados Usuarios. Al querer Listas El Informe de partidas abiertas Este manda error " No Existe Tabla 'Alertas recibidas' (OAIB) (ODBC -2004) [Mensaje 131-183] ".

Si a alguien ya le ocurrio este inconveniente y como lo soluciono?


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1 Answer

  • Oct 15, 2016 at 02:52 PM

    Hola compa├▒era, encontr├ę esta nota, verifica si aplica a tu escenario:

    2008925 - You cannot run the Open Item List report for Purchase Requests

    Version 2 from 18.12.2014

    You cannot run the Open Item List report for Purchase Requests.

    Reproducing the issue


    1. Login to SAP Business One with the 'Manager' user.

    2. From the SAP Business One Main Menu choose Purchasing A/P -> Purchasing Reports and run the Open Item List report.

    3. Try display the report for a Purchase Request.

    Actual Behavior:

    The following Error message is displayed: 'Table not found '' (SWEI) (ODBC -2004) [Message 131-183]'.

    *In some cases this can result in SAP Business One application shutdown

    Expected Behavior:

    The report can be displayed for all documents.


    Application Error.


    SAP intends to provide a patch or patches in order to solve the described problem. The section Reference to Related Notes below will list the specific patches once they become available. The corresponding Info file of the patches in SAP Service Marketplace will also show the SAP Note number. Please note that these references can only be set at patch release date. SAP will deliver patches only for selected releases at its own discretion, based on the business impact and the complexity of the implementation.

    Other terms

    Open Item List, Purchase Request, Report, User

    Product Product or Product VersionSAP B1 9.0 FOR SAP HANASAP BUSINESS ONE 9.0 This document is referenced by NumberTitle2025674Overview Note for SAP Business One 9.0 PL12, version for SAP HANA2025727Overview Note for SAP Business One 9.0 PL12
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