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CMS Transport Studio Auto Import

Oct 19, 2017 at 10:09 AM


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Hi Expert,

Would like to ask is there a possibility to auto import NWDI changes in CMS

on Consolidation tab?

Instead of manual import from Consolidation tab, we are seeking a possibility to automate this process so that Developers can test on Qua system once they release in NWDS.

Currently our SAP Portal is running on Java stack v7.50.

Kindly advice.


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2 Answers

Milen Dontcheff
Oct 19, 2017 at 01:14 PM

This is possible if you only do use a Single System Track. However if you do use Single System Track or you do change an existing Development Configuration Track into Single System one , please pay close attention to the consequences:

!!! WARNING !!!

If you change an already existing track to become a single system track, all other systems of this track (cons, test, production) are removed. There is no way to restore the track configuration once you switch the development track to a single system track. Note that you cannot perform consolidation with a single system track since all activated changes are assembled.

When you work in a single system track everything that is activated gets directly assembled. You should release your activated changes after their activation to trigger the back transports in case you are using repair connections and to represent the status of the activities in the transport view.

!!! WARNING !!!

In case you are OK with this please refer to this guide so you might implement a Single System Track

Creating a Single System Track

If you ask for my personal opinion - it is better to create a dedicated Single System Track instead of changing Development Configuration ones.

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Former Member

Hi Millen,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, we don't plan to changed our current landscape, is it still possible to implement this auto import scenario?

Our ePortal is running with 5 systems landscape, and in CMS we have Project & Operation track.

Dev -> Qua
Dev -> Qua -> Prod

Any idea whether CTS+ can help on this scenario? Maybe an ABAP stack is needed to support this case.

Do advice again.

Thanks in advance!


Milen Dontcheff
Oct 28, 2017 at 01:22 PM

I believe I have explained clearly - if it is required to "skip" the Consolidation, one has to configure and use "Single System Track". Otherwise there will be consolidation process. Please read carefully the "Creating a Single System Track" part of the document I have posted in the previous reply.

When one implements CTS+, this means to transport through these: STMS (this is on AS ABAP) - NWDI (CMS or CM Services) - AS Java (target deployment RTS). When you do use CM Services, there is only 1 CBS Buildspace (and not like there are usually 2 - CBS_DEV and CBS_CONS). With CTS+ you will have more tasks as administrator. Yet, there are many advantages - depends on the scenario you do implement. In case you would like to implement the CTS+, before doing anything, please get very well acquainted with the entire content of this document:

How To... Configure CM Services in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and Up

To use CTS+, only to avoid the CONSOLIDATION, is not the best, because you will need to implement and consider so many other concept & products. Not to mention you will need to re-organize your way of work.

It is much quicker and simpler to just use the Single System Track concept.

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