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Oct 19, 2017 at 10:01 AM

Why do people mis-use the tag "Using"?


I'm a moderator for the "Using" tag - the tag for comments and questions about using this site. I see a quite a lot of questions posted with that primary tag that are not about the site itself, but rather about some part of SAP's enormous product suite. (Thanks, by the way, to those who report such things to the moderators - I always look forward to processing my moderator alerts when I get to the office in the morning:-)

I have to ask, though, why do people choose this tag for a question about, say, FI-CO? There is no default primary tag, so it isn't laziness. You have to actually search for a tag and choose something from the search results. If you have an FI-CO question, what would you search for that would cause "Using" to turn up in the search results? I can only assume that it is the word "using". People then see "Using SAP" (at the top of the search results, as it happens) and think - yes, that's it, that's what I'm asking about!

Does it make sense to suggest changing "Using" to something that doesn't include "using SAP" in it? Or is there another explanation I'm missing? Thoughts?