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Why do people mis-use the tag "Using"?

I'm a moderator for the "Using" tag - the tag for comments and questions about using this site. I see a quite a lot of questions posted with that primary tag that are not about the site itself, but rather about some part of SAP's enormous product suite. (Thanks, by the way, to those who report such things to the moderators - I always look forward to processing my moderator alerts when I get to the office in the morning:-)

I have to ask, though, why do people choose this tag for a question about, say, FI-CO? There is no default primary tag, so it isn't laziness. You have to actually search for a tag and choose something from the search results. If you have an FI-CO question, what would you search for that would cause "Using" to turn up in the search results? I can only assume that it is the word "using". People then see "Using SAP" (at the top of the search results, as it happens) and think - yes, that's it, that's what I'm asking about!

Does it make sense to suggest changing "Using" to something that doesn't include "using SAP" in it? Or is there another explanation I'm missing? Thoughts?

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7 Answers

  • Oct 19, 2017 at 10:44 AM

    Answer option 1:

    "I don't know for certain what this ticket is about, but I am almost sure that it has something to do with this SAP software that we got last year".

    Answer option 2:

    "I don't know what all these tags mean, but I am on and I am creating a question. This means I am using"

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  • Oct 19, 2017 at 04:56 PM

    I can just warn to rename this tag, especially when using the word community in the name, it may lead to enormous amount of even more wrong posts here.

    Yes I can sing a song about wrong posts under the SAP Forum tag. There were days with more traffic than under MM (which was the tag with the 3rd most traffic). In the 10 months were it is was available was only a single question really related to this event.

    Just take this as an example

    The tag SAP Community does not even exist in the meta data and is only a user tag, still you find 220+ discussions with this tag.

    And even more if you include the variations like "community" or include as well those with wrong spelling.

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    • Looking at actual data before making decisions? Don't be ridiculous...

      But seriously, thanks Jürgen L , I liked Tammy Powlas, suggestion of changing it to "Using SAP Community" and it wouldn't have occurred to me to do that research! Shame though, because no other obvious names spring to mind.

  • Oct 19, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    I think it would be better to be renamed "Using SAP Community"

    I think if I were new to the community, I would be overwhelmed with the number of tags - and it can be frustrating if you can't find the tag you are looking for - that said, I think a rename would help...

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  • Oct 19, 2017 at 05:18 PM

    I missed the why part in your question, which can obviously only correctly answered by the people who are using the wrong tag. I asked many times but never got a real answer, if there was a reply then it was rather "tell me the tag".

    I am wondering too about all the posts that would belong into Finance, they are as well posted under the ERP and R/3 tag which I moderate.

    We still have no synonyms for the tags in place, also long ago I saw a blog post about machine learning for better tagging. But I hope the tags are soon history anyway, which might be the reason that the synonyms are not yet here.

    Let me just explain how to better find a tag.

    Do not use colloquial names, FiCo is not an official tag name, so you wont get a hit

    Do not use abbreviations. FI, MM or PP are too short to kick off the tag proposal. You need 3 characters to get a proposals. PP) would bring up the right tag for production planning, but who could imagine to add a bracket character, and on the other hand it would not work for MM, because here in Materials Management in brackets and MM without. But typing MM space would bring up the right MM tag.

    In any case you would get the right tags by using the long description like Finance, however you need to stop typing with the e and not add a space character as this would again hide the right tag since it is in brackets: FIN (Finance)

    And of course you have to know the difference between Inventory management and inventory manager to post your question under the right tag. And keep in mind that SAP Select is not the tag for the ABAP Select statement. Just imagine you would have a tag for any ABAP statement....

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  • Oct 19, 2017 at 10:10 AM

    May be it's a reason and can be solved by renaming the tag. But in general I see a lot of examples when users select the tag even without reading the name :) And don't look on the post after sending in the tag list.

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  • Nov 03, 2017 at 06:17 PM

    I'm guessing people just see "Using SAP" and disregard the ".com" part. So pretty much every single question could land here because it's all somehow related to SAP. By the same logic, some of our business users create tickets for IT when it's simply a matter of running a business transaction (=doing their job): well, it has something to do with SAP and you are "SAP team", so you figure it out!

    This problem started, just like the rest of them, with 1DX. "We have one unified (sort of) now, yeah!!! Let's add a tag where people can ask questions on how to use it!" We had "About SCN" and "SCN Support" forums before. Even with those names, people somehow managed to post an occasional functional question there. File it under extreme confusion (or just "you can't fix stupid" but let's assume the best), that will never go away 100%. But as long as this tag has "SAP" in the name there will be more of those confused. "About SCN" was just as clear as it gets IMHO.

    As a side note - MSDN has a neat feature where it does not only shows a forum name but also a short explanation of what questions belong there. E.g. their VB forum would have a clear note "not for VBA questions". That would be very helpful and I hope it's something that "topic pages" can do.

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  • Nov 14, 2017 at 01:17 PM

    The tags are very complicated. I have written several blogs with no idea what to use. It could be that things like Rant are not an area anymore and should be directed to coffee corner? Where does a blog fit about remote work? I guessed business trends.

    So guessing becomes - as said before - well, it's an SAP question. Why not add FICO, PP, SRM as valid tags and point them to whatever strange tag that has. By the way - if I type in finance - I don't get a possible tag.

    I honestly think people just get tired of looking. I know I do. I write the blog and then spend another 1/2 hour trying to figure out where it should go. And using SAP sounds like it will cover everything.

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    • I follow no tags, but I subscribed to multiple RSS feeds on SAP community. This is much better than hunting for content in Activity stream - you get decent formatting, you can have popups when new content is posted and you can set read/unread indicators for blogs unlike here. And there is no need to log in to be notified of new content, which is nice. I did not subscribe via RSS to Using, but I visit it from time to time (when I am bored or too tired to read technical content).

      I suspect that other members also use RSS now for the lack of better alternatives.

      Probably I did not choose very well the example and left you with a wrong impression - this is not about reaching the highest possible number of people, but about reaching the right audience.

      Shortly after the October launch some blog authors decided that the best thing to do is to add as many tags to their blogs as possible no matter if the content had anything to do with the chosen tags. It was very annoying. If someone writes a blog targeting experienced ABAP developers and tag it as Sales and Distribution, SD functional consultants may read it, it is possible that they can understand most of it, but if it is actually about HR development most probably it will be irrelevant to them. If it happens that one frequently applies wrong tags after a while people may assume that the next blog is also mis-tagged and won't even open to read it.