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Dec 11, 2007 at 07:14 AM

Service entry made in TC-ML81N



There is a document entered to a G/L-85040(LIABILITY FOR PRIMARY FREIGHT) as a credit entry.While verifying the document it is found that it is a service entry made for AMC in TC-ML81N.More over it is a system entry.Then i verified the TC-OBYC & the finding is as follows.

The valuation area of the plant kkd3 is NFC1, whereas all the other plants will come under NFCL. The service will not have a valaution class. In obyc for the combination of WRX(GR/IR clearing account)/NFC1/blank valuation class we have given 85040 as the gl account code. The mentioned entries are related to service entry postings of the plant KKD3. So the credit will go to 85040 only.

Now my doubt is what is the relation between the TC-ML81N with that particular G/L& from where it is picking up that G/L automatically.

Is it the G/L is picked up because of the above assignment in OBYC.Do this entry have any relation with OBYC.