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Dec 11, 2007 at 05:15 AM

messgae merge using bpm


Hi All,

I am doing message merge scenario.

In this scenario i took 3 messages msg1, msg2 and msg.

msg1 has custid,custname,custtype

msg2 has custid,custstate,custzip

msg has custid,custname,custtype,custstate,custzip

I ve created integartion process.In that, in between start and stop i took recv1,recv2 ,transformation and send.

for recv1 i took absmsg1_mi, recv2 -absmsg1_mi, send -absmsg_mi and for transformation i take interface mapping,in source msg1 and msg2,in target messages i took msg related message interfaces.

view->correlation editior

in that correlation list->name as messagemerge_cr.

in correlation container->i take custid name and string as type

In involved msgs i took absmsg1_mi and absmsg2_mi and corresponding to each message i took interface as variable and in xpath->i select custid of msg1_dt and same for msg2 also.

I went view menu->graphical definition

i select the receive1 and define the active correlations:messagemerge_cr in properties.

in receive2 use correlations:messagemerge_cr.

at the time of saving i am not getting messagemerge_cr in both active correlations and use correlations. i am geeting ? value for both.

how to select active correlations and use correlations for receive 1 and receive2