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BPC 11.0 Error activating Environment Shell

Oct 18, 2017 at 03:21 PM


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I get the below error.

Not able to proceed further. Need your inputs.

Below are the system details.

-- Selva.

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Roland Kramer
Nov 03, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Hello Vadim
In fact you are right, as I saw this error a few times I mixed it up with the SAP - Note 2368749 - Failedto activate ENVIRONMENTSHELL

Note 2541978 - The template files in the folder templates are missing in ENVIRONMENTSHELL

I would try to use the solution from SAP Note 2368749

I have updated the SFG accordingly

Thanks and best regards Roland

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To my mind 2541978 is not relevant for this case.

2368749 looks interesting but I am not sure that it's a good idea to use files for BPC 10.1 on BPC 11


Check SAP - Note 1967432 - BPCTransports Object Types Missing after BW 7.4 upgrade for a possible Solution.
Despite the fact, the Note mainly talks about BPC 10.1 but Authorization Errors might be the same.
I seems that some of the needed InfoObjects needed for the are not activated yet, e.g. 0REQUID, 0CHNGID, 0RECORDTP.

Furthermore the Tipps in SAP - Note 1941778 -Consulting Note for troubleshooting EnvironmentShell activation issues
Despite the fact, you are running BPC 11.0 on BW/4 with the latest SP's

In advance run the Report BPC_MIGRATE_TO_HANA to update hana tables of environments (SAP Note 2479275)

As an Alternative: Can you get a Backup of the ENVIRONMENTSHELL from another Server with tx. UJBR?

Best Regards Roland

tx-ujbr.jpg (60.9 kB)

Ronald, I am not the author of this question :) Just commenting!


ups, sorry ;-)
Anyway a good lesson to learn ...


To my mind something is definitely wrong with ENVIRONMENSHELL template. The note like 2368749 has to be prepared for BPC11. And the question author has to contact SAP support. Or may be perform upgrade to the latest BPC11 SP...

Roland Kramer
Nov 02, 2017 at 04:20 PM

check the following Answer ...

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Sorry, but how your answer is related to this particular question?

Or it's just a promotion of your document?


The Answer was given just before, and I don't want to promote my Document to you.
I only activated the BPC Application and noted my findings.
Feel free to continue searching and asking.

Best Regards Roland


Sorry again, but I read your document and there is no single word about activation of ENVIRONMENTSHELL for standard BPC...