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Dec 10, 2007 at 08:35 PM

How do I get Aggregate Statistics using an xPath Link for data to work?


I cannot get this to work. I have a TagQuery for which the tagname is a Transaction Property (Transaction.Tagname). I do not configure the Aggregate Statistics action block. Rather I dynamically link the ValueSource to MyTagQuery.Results{Rowsets/Rowset/Row/#Transaction.Tagname#}. I am looking for the Average result for my set of data. But I always end up with 0.

Note: I put a Repeater on the Tag Query data along with the Simple Statistics action block using the same type of dynamic xPath linked to the DataValue: Repeater_0.Output{/Row/#Transaction.Tagname#}. This works just fine and I will use it, but want to understand why the Aggregate won't work as I would expect.


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