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Dec 10, 2007 at 03:32 PM

Context Handling


Hi @ll;

i try to realize a Message Mapping in a Szenario.

Unfortunately I have some problems with the context handling

The input message looks like this

	<POSEX> ... </POSEX>
					<CSTIC CHARC="FMU860_010" ATFLV="111" KZAUS="2" KBETR="62"/>
					<CSTIC VALUE="1" KZAUS="1"/>
					<CSTIC CHARC="FMU860_030" ATFLV="222" KZAUS="2" KBETR="74"/>

And the target message like this

		<GROUP>this should be CHARC e.g FMU860_010"</GROUP>
		<VAR_LAENGE>this should be ATFLV</VAR_LAENGE>

I want to create the target element<Z1VARLEN/> depending on the attribute KZAUS (value should be KZAUS="2") of the element CSTIC. .

Further if <Z1VARLEN/> is created, the child element <GROUP> should contain the value of the CHARC element of the suitable CSTIC.

a example is shown in the target message.

how can I realize that using the Node Functions of the Message Mapping?

I hope your experts can give me some advice

Thanks in advance

Kind regards