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Dec 10, 2007 at 03:08 PM

no mov. allowed in reservation


Dear SAP gurus,

We have a scenario of Sloc MRP in my compnay. For instance, Plant 1000 have 2 sloc: 0001 and 0002. Plant 0002 will have a re-order point of 10, in which in case our stock level in 1000-0002 is below 10, when we run the MRP, transfer reservation to 1000-0002 will be created.

However we this transfer reservation would need to have some kind of approver. We intend to simulate this approval, by making the mov.allowed unticked by default at the time of reservation creation by MRP, and then will give access to the approver to mass-change this to ticked when he is alright with the transfer.

We have set in OMBN that the default value for reservatin in plant 1000 should be unticked and the days before the mov.type ticked automtaically is 999. However it seems that whenever we run MRP and the reservation is created, the indicator is always ticked.

Is there any other way to make sure that the indicator is unticked as default??

Best regards,