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Dec 10, 2007 at 03:00 PM

Message - Test is formatted -> Details



In any Order/Contract header/line text, I am getting the message "Test is formatted -> Details" and could not EDIT it.

The text is "I quoted the 1K price currently on the leaded version. They are requesting 20K pricing here which I believe is inflated, so I have quoted the current leadfree price at the 1K level."

The issue happens only for this text.

I saw in SE75, and for all the texts the Format option is NOT "DOC". Only if it DOC it will not allow to EDIT that particular text even for the FIRST time.

I checked in the FM "CONVERT_STREAM_TO_ITF_TEXT", while splitting the above text into lines of 72 chars, the word "Quoted" is getting splitted as "Q" in the 2nd line and the remaining "uoted" in the 3rd line and an "=" comes in the Format.

Because of this "=" , the text is non editable and I am getting the message.

Please give your suggestions to solve this.