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Push Notification REST API Authentication problem in SCP Mobile Service for Dev&Ops

Oct 17, 2017 at 11:46 PM


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Hi community.

I have a SAPUI5 app deployed in a Fiori Launchpad and added push notifications via Mobile Services for Development and Operations for Fiori Client (predefined push notification settings).

Authentication is done via SCP Identity Authentication Service (by configuring Cloud Platform SCIM in SCP Mobile Service Cockpit -> Security).

I got all this working and the next step is to send push notifications via REST API, but I don't know how to authenticate to consume it, for example from Postman.

I'm doing the following REST request:


Basic Auth: I tried with SAP ID Service and SCP IAS credentials

JSON Payload: {
                  "alert": "Alert",
                  "data": "Notification",
                  "sound": "default"

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to authenticate to do this request. I wonder if somebody has done something similar or has any idea that could help.


Christian Tapia.

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2 Answers

Jitendra Kansal
Oct 19, 2017 at 09:22 AM

Hello Christian Tapia

Please share more info:

1. Cross check if you have assigned "Notification User" role to user. (Go to Development & Operations > Configure Development & Operations )

2. You need to write piece of code in your app in order to get a token ID from push provider like APNS, FCM etc

3. Confirm in a GET REST API call whether that token ID has been stored for that user and AppCID

4. If above steps are done and you still facing error for push REST call, increase log level in Mobile services and look into logs for more details.

Pls check



PS: while sending PUSH POST call, you have to pass identity credentials used for user on-boarding.

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Hi Jitendra,

Thanks for your reply. Here is what you requested:

1. It's already done.

2. I'm actually not using any push provider (APNS, GCM, ...). I'm using the one predefined for SAP Fiori Client. In SCPms->Application->Push I selected the Predefined Push Configuration option. I understand that by using this settings I have not to do any change in code of my SAPUI5 app (I say this because I was able to send a push notification via the SCPms cockpit).

3. Every time I configured the app from a device via Fiori Client, those devices got registered in SCPms for the correct AppID.

4. I will do this and post the results.

PS: From the link you sent me, I'm failing at this step (REST CALL with json payload):


Christian Tapia S.

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Christian Tapia Oct 23, 2017 at 05:16 AM

Just to close the thread, the problem was the security settings in SCP mobile service for dev & ops. Since I was using SCP Identity Authentication Service as Identity Provider for the SAPUI5 app, I set the Basic Authentication Targets to "Cloud Platform SCIM", while it should've been "Mobile Service SCIM" and pointing to "https://mobile- . .".

After doing this, I was able to call the Push notification REST API from Postman and also from another SAPUI5 app, doing a Basic Authentication using SAP ID Service user (not user from the IdP).


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