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Oct 17, 2017 at 10:28 AM

What Do You Do?

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Hello Everyone,

In my opinion, Empathy is an essential foundation of any online community that wishes to thrive. Empathy is the glue that keeps us together and makes every community interaction a lot more considerate and user friendly to all members involved.

I believe that the best way to encourage and help empathy spread across our community is if we connect and familiarize with one and other.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to join the What Do You Do (#WDYD) community initiative. #WDYD is your opportunity to share with everyone your role in the SAP world/ecosystem while engaging a lively conversation with fellow community members who want to learn more about the most interesting projects you've worked on, best practices, creativity and innovation and whatever you feel like sharing about what you do.

Joining this initiative is very simple:

  1. Submit an answer to the question "What Do You DO" in this thread. The answer should contain a short introduction of yourself and your professional background/experience.
  2. Optional: End your introduction by @ mentioning fellow community members inviting them to join this initiative while asking them one of the following questions: /What was your first step in the SAP world?/What do you enjoy most about your job?/How do you keep your skills up to date (what training/courses/reading do you do)?/Where do you see your career future with SAP?/What do you think are the challenges in your area?/What advice would you give someone beginning their career?/What do you wish you had done differently?/What did you do in your first day at work/Who inspired you the most/Do you have any specific thought leaders in the community who you follow/What was the project you enjoyed the most and why?/Feel free to make-up your own questions/ (Thanks a lot to @Colleen Hebbertf or coming-up with some these questions)
  3. After you've posted your answer paste the link that you will get under the "share" button. Then use the link and this #WDYDSC hashtag to invite your friends on social media to read your answer and interact with you

Once you join other community members will continue the conversation by asking you more questions. In order to be responsive please be sure to follow this thread and activate your Email notifications.

Some additional important guidelines:

* Please contact me if you wish to champion your own topic related What Do You DO question. This way we can make sure there are no duplications and I can support you by giving you visibility in this thread and other locations.

* All questions/threads participating in the #WDYD initiative most only be tagged with the "Careers" topic in order not to disrupt the content flow of other community Q&A activity.

* Please up-vote answers you like as it will make it easier for others to find high quality discussions.

* Everyone can join! Regardless if you are new to the SAP World or an expert

* Please use comments to ask for clarification on this post and post answers to join according to the intructions provided above.

I would like to kick this off by @ mentioning fellow community members:

Julie Plummer

Lars Breddemann

Caetano Almeida

Matt Fraser

Andy Silvey

Colleen Hebbert

Michael Appleby

Jürgen L

Denis Konovalov

Jyoti Prakash

Felipe Fraga

Jeremy Good

Ivy Li

Matthew Billingham

Jelena Perfiljeva

Luis Darui

Bernhard Luecke

Nicole Geischnek

Andreas Holzapfel

Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer


Former Member

Raj K

Raz Korn

Matthias Wild