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Dec 10, 2007 at 10:33 AM

Transports fail



I have the following situation :

1) the tp processes just accumulate and do not end; each new transport just creates a new tp process, but when the transport is over, the tp process doesn't end.

2) every time it runs, the job RDDIMPDP produces all the time the same log :

Job started

Step 001 started (program RDDIMPDP, variant , user ID DDIC)

Program RDDIMPDP is running in client 000

Header Q: Acc. to TRBAT, job 160425YN is still running. Checking job status

Header Q: Job 160425YN still has status released

Job finished

3) the table TRBAT contains all the time 2 same entries :




20070717160112 Q 9999 00000000000000

:D:T:S:tmp:F:Q070717.DVP ASYNCEXP

HEADER Q R 20070717160426


4) at one moment, the transports just stop with the error message :

  • ERROR => OCI-call 'OCIServerAttach' failed with rc=12537

  • ERROR => CONNECT failed with sql error '12537'

set_ocica() -> OCI or SQL return code 12537

***LOG BY2=>sql error 12537 performing CON [dblink#3 @ 431]

***LOG BY0=>ORA-12537: TNS:connection closed [dblink#3 @ 431]

Connect is not possible: DBMS = ORACL

Incorrect export. Request not imported.

Ended with return code: ===> 12 <===

5) then the only solution is to stop and restart and then we can transport again, but the entries in TRBAT are still there, and then all over again, till it stops again.

My config is :

- SUN Solaris 5.10

- Oracle

- SAP ECC 6.0 with SAP_BASIS 7.00 level 12

- kernel 700

My question is : is it possible that all this is due to the 2 entries in TRBAT and can I then just delete them ?

Best regards,