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Dec 10, 2007 at 07:18 AM

Urgent...simple internal table problem


Hi gurus

i am filling a internal table like this

loop at i_0001 into s_0001.

clear out_final.

out_final-pernr = s_0001-pernr.

out_final-parea = s_0001-parea.

loop at i_0021 into s_0021 where pernr = s_0001-pernr and subty ne '7'.

perform rec1.


loop at i_0106 into s_0106 where pernr = s_0001-pernr and subty ne '7'.

perform rec2.

append out_final to i_final.

clear out_final.


and my performs are

FORM rec1.

read table i_0021 into s_0021 with key pernr = s_0001-pernr.

out_final-fname = s_0021-fname.

out_final-lname = s_0021-lname.

out_final-bdate = s_0021-bdate.

ENDFORM. " rec1

FORM rec2.

read table i_0106 into s_0106 with key pernr = s_0001-pernr.

out_final-ssn = s_0106-ssn.

out_final-add1 = s_0106-add1.

out_final-add2 = s_0106-add2.

out_final-city = s_0106-city.

out_final-state = s_0106-state.

out_final-country = s_0106-country.

out_final-zip = s_0106-zip.

out_final-hphone = s_0106-hphone.

ENDFORM. " rec2

all my declerations and syntax are correct

now i have 2 simple things to ask

1. when i write data i get duplicate records my loop , clear and append are in right place

2. i wan to delimit this data for a condition where bdate is greater than 18. bdate is of type p0021-fgbdt which i have to format using some do i do that where do i have to add code for that.

thanks in advance

plz help