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QM Result recording issue for inspection lots

Hi All

We have SAP- LIMS interface. The inspection lots flows from SAP to LIMS and results update in SAP from LIMS. From last few days for some materials we are getting inspection lots with ‘INSP’ status but while looking to display results, its blank (No value) with ‘Result Record status’ as 6.

Also for such lots (with ‘Result Record status’ as 6) system didn’t allow to update results in QA32 as whole result recording screen appears in display mode (Not editable).

My question is why results are not updating and why characteristic are updating with ‘Result Record status’ as 6?

Also for lots I can see the status SUB and MSUB, I want to know when exactly system update these status I mean after which action?

Please suggest, thank you for your support.


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1 Answer

  • Nov 02, 2016 at 12:50 PM

    Hi Abhay,

    For the inspection type assigned in your material master => QM view, please check if the indicators "Automatic Assignment" and "Check Chars" are active or not, for these newly missed materials. If so, then you need to activate both the activator and check why these indicators were removed (In case if they were removed recently).

    My understanding is once you have LIMS setup active, QDR System is also active in Work center, for the operation which is flagged for LIMS, etc then below set of activities happens - (May be someone please correct me, if I am wrong..)

    a) As soon as inspection lot is created, it gets the system status "MSUB". Means, the inspection lot is flagged for sub-system to download the details in next system. I think, at these time there may not be any change of MIC system status form "0" or "1" to "6". Also the inspection lot entry is updated in QIWL table.

    b) As soon as this inspection lot is downloaded, then the inspection lot system status is changed to "SUB". At this point of time, the MIC system status changes to "6", so that there is no further possibilities to update this MIC value manually.

    c) Then once the results are send back to the inspection lot, the status gets changed to "INSP" and MIC system status "3" or "5", based on what process is followed.

    I think, even if the process is working fine for your case, for some cases, there may be some changes made in QM view as explained, which is blocking you. You can compare a successful case with these ones and confirm.



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