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How can I make default operator in CRM UI search criteria take on settings?

Oct 17, 2016 at 11:49 AM


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I'm using Solution Manager 7.2 SP2, and have created a custom field using AET for a copy of Requirements Management transaction type SMBR, and want to be able to search with more than default operator EQUALS.

So, I went to the IMG, and made the settings in "Define Operators for Dynamic Queries". After some searching, found Dynamic Query Object BTQSrvReq which had my new attribute called ZZFDL000007 and made the corresponding ticks in "Exceptions per attribute".

Using "GenIL Model Editor" can see they are checked and they are also visible in "GenIL_GUI_BOL_Browser"

Unfortunately, when configuring the selections in the CRM UI, the new field only knows "EQUALS" and no other paramaters. I even thought it might be a buffer issue and used SHMM to invalidate CL_CRM_GENIL_MODEL_SHM_AREA and CL_CRM_GENIL_MODEL_SHM_AREA2.

Still no joy, and now I've reached the limit of my CRM Web UI understanding (I'm coming at this from Solution Manager ITSM and ABAP experience).

Any suggestions what i might try next?

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1 Answer

Andrei Vishnevsky Oct 24, 2016 at 09:33 PM

Hi Philip,

Have your issue been resolved? If it's not one thing I'd look into: which WebUI component are you talking about? Because when the thtmlb:advancedSearch tag is used to render search criteria there is an option to provide operators manually fieldMetadata. Usually this metadata is taken from configs and customizing, but it might be different in your case.

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Component is AIC_CMCR_S. Do you mean this?

Logic appears to be in CL_BSP_WD_CONTEXT_NODE_ASP


But how to debug...with transaction SAAB?


Yes, I was talking about this. How to debug - go to view controller class of this view (...._IMPL), find those methods, put a breakpoint there. No need to use SAAB here.