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GR posted with higher value than PO Price

Oct 20, 2017 at 11:27 AM


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Dear SAP experts,

User posted GR of 3 qty and value posted of 65 USD, where as the PO price is 60 USD for 3 qty, (20 USD/qty). When this GR document cancelled , it was cancelled with value 60 USD and not 65 USD. Below is the PO history data in chronological order.

However there is no extra condition on PO like freight and also no tax.

I have searched several posts related to this but could not find the suitable solution.

Kindly assist to resolve this issue.Thanks in advance for your response.

po-history-2.jpg (95.3 kB)
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Share PO item changes log.

Also share screen shot of PO history with view GR/IR clearing.

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Ok thanks , I am attaching here the po item changes log and po history data

PO item changes log. the qty is changed from 6 to 9 but the price is same.


grir-new.jpg (114.7 kB)
po-history-tab.jpg (121.7 kB)
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Jürgen L
Oct 20, 2017 at 01:33 PM

Check the change history of your material master for price changes and price control changes, just to rule out any gambling there.

Why is this Excel list and PO history sorted the way it is? It does not make any sense for an easy analysis to me, for a good analysis we usually need to understand the sequence of events, which requires only a sorting by date and within by hour. A sequence by short text does not make anything clearer.

When looking at the sequence of postings (and the date) I actually think this is a test system rather than having anything to do with a real business case. It starts with 3 receipts, continuous with the invoices for those 3 receipts, then develops its on life with invoice postings and cancellations by changing quantities and values over the next months while you finally post a goods receipt which is again cancelled a day after.

The final situation is that you had invoices before goods receipt, which means your receipt will not be posted according to the PO price.

The following OSS note explains the standard way of the goods receipt valuation: 1915844 - Valuation of a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order

Then look into this wiki and execute the report (implement it if it is not yet in your system) to see what results it comes up with :

1-16.png (777.4 kB)
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Dibyendu Patra Oct 20, 2017 at 12:52 PM

I doubt the reason of this might be for the invoice which was posted with 1 qty but with 40 amout.

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Yes but the 1 qty with 40 amount invoice made cancelled by user, so it should not create any impact. is it so?