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Nov 01, 2016 at 07:40 PM

SAP CRM: Mail forms with attributes data with longer than 255 characters


Hello folks,
I have a requirement to use Mail Forms to send out e-mails to service groups.
I have defined a custom mail form in web UI. Also a custom (Z) Structure to handle requirement specific fields.
One tricky requirement is that I need to append description (long-text) of the Incidents into Body of mail. This long-text description can be of any length.

As per my knowledge we should use Function Modules 'CRM_ERMS_MAIL_COMPOSE' to compose body and subject of mail, and Function Module 'CRMS_ERMS_MAIL_SEND' to trigger the mail.

So whatever the attribute values are to be replaced, it is filled in table 'ADD_KEY_VALUE_PAIRS', and FM 'CRM_ERMS_MAIL_COMPOSE' to build the body.

Now, since I am expecting long-text description of more than 300 characters, the description in the sent mail is being truncated.
I traced down the reason being length of field 'ADD_KEY_VALUE_PAIRS-VALUE' being restricted to 255 characters.
I also tried to use table inside the custom (Z) structure, but mail form does not show this table name in attribute list.

Has anyone done this kind of Mail form with Values of attributes being more than 255 characters before??
Any suggestion will be of great help..!!