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EWM - Where I can find information about ODO-item-status DPC (Packing)

Oct 19, 2017 at 11:57 AM


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Hello all,

we are using EWM 9.4 and from time to time the update of an ODO-batch-subitem from WT for Packing-Status (DPC) is not correct. The system is updating the main-item instead.


Main-item has DPC-Status '9' (finished) -> should be '0' (not relevant)

batch-subitem has DPC-Status '2' (partially completed) -> should be '9'

If I want to identify that behaviour in ODOs with many items it is very time-consuming to find the "corrupt" item(s).

So I want to create a short programm which selects all the items of a delivery which has DPC-Status '2'.

Now I'm looking for an opportunity to read out the DPC-Status but I could not find it stored anywhere. First I was looking in table /SCDL/DB_STATUS, as you can find the other status like DGI etc. there. But DPC I couldn't find.

Could someone please help me, and give a hint where I can get the information I need.


Best regards

Steffen Karle

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2 Answers

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Markus Kaas
Oct 20, 2017 at 01:43 PM

Hi Steffen,

the DPC status is not persistet in the database. In the delivery status profile in customizing (SPRO) you can see that DPC is classified as "Transient".

It is calculated on the fly based on handling unit data. So maybe you can check your HUs to which items they are assigned (main or subitem).

Also please check if maybe still asynchronus processing are running. E.g. check SMQ2 if there are for your delivery entries, especially if there are entries in status RETRY or RUNNING.

You can read deliveries e.g. with a QUERY method which then can also do the calculation of the DPC status. Here see and then chapter 8.

Best regards


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Steffen Karle Oct 23, 2017 at 08:22 AM

Hi Markus,

thanks for your fast and detailed answer. I'll try as you suggested.

Best regards


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