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Dec 08, 2007 at 10:23 AM

Inconsistency in IW8W transaction - Refurbishment goods receipt


Hi All,

I have a problem which is as follwos:

Refurbishment order (order type PM04) was created for a material with target quantity, say 10 EA.

Due to change in priorities, goods issue (MB1A) for that material was done only for quantity, say 5 EA.

Order was processed and when the material is returned to stores by using IW8W transaction for that refurbishment order after refurbishment, the system automatically proposes the quantity that was entered as target quantity during maintenance order creation (say qty : 10 EA).

To circumvent this problem, I have maintained the over delivery tolerance as 1% in work scheduling view in the material master. I have used T. code MB31 for doing the goods receipt. Still the quantity proposed by the system is the target qty that was entered during order creation. Here the system does not allow more than 1% of the qty proposed by the system (i.e: qty 10 EA).

Automatic proposal of target qty during goods receipt, causes incorrect entries being posted in system, i.e: say if qty 10EA that was automatically proposed is posted system accepts the entry and creates the document.

In material stock overview, the qty of C3 val. type material was reduced by 5 EA; whereas the qty of C2 val. type material was increased by 10 EA.

This is incorrect posting apart from incorrect proposal qty in goods receipt transaction by the system.

There seems to be an error in system design. The system should automatically propose the qty that was issued through goods issue and also should not allow more than the qty issued. Less qty is acceptable. Automatic proposal of target qty is incorrect.

Kindly furnish solution so as to overcome this issue.

Thanks in advance and with best regards.

Kannan J