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Dec 08, 2007 at 01:57 AM

some confusing scenarios in a certain industry


Dear All,

This following scenario is applied in the company I work for:

1. Branch is 10 and 1 HQ

2. The business line is wholesale 20%, distribution / retail 70% and direct selling is 10%

3. 1 SO can contains many qty of items and 1 days can have 2000 SO

4. The items are 3 products group and each product groups can have many variants.

5. Required to monitor good receipt PO and there is a deal with principal to send e.g. 1000 items but the incoming is not as many as required in the PO.

6. Maintain so many kinds of PO like pre purchase order, purchase order fixed assets, purchase order directly use in sales order or vice versa

7. Rental of dispensers to customer, how to maintain it

8. vendor KPI analysis

9. Sales KPI analysis

10. A specific operation like creating PO to principal and then the items are directly sold to customer using SO without taking the item to HQ firsts,

11.Parts of vehicle management, fixed assets

12. How to use of PDA and POS client in SAP B1, is it available or what ? cause our company's sales employee want the PDA can check the item availability in warehouse

and even they want to create SO directly from PDA or POS client

13. One day can have 2-5 times SO entry / creation.

14. Payroll in SAP B1

For the 13 scenarios above, could SAp B1 solve them ? could you describe it in detail ? if there is addon needed to use, pls share also to me.

I will give a reward points to you.

John E