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Crystal Reports CMS-1500 Medical Billing

Oct 18, 2017 at 06:38 PM


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This is urgent. I need to find a solution to integrate into a Visual Studio 2015 Windows Form Application that enables me to generate a report with the following three pages:

*Page 1 = A cover page that contains information about a patient and our company.

*Page 2 = A page that explains why the company that I am sending the bill to need to pay the bill.

*Page 3 = A CMS-1500 Medical Billing form that is filled in by me/the application.

I know Crystal reports can create page 1 & page 2. I need to find out if I can create a sub-report that will create page 3?

I will buy Crystal Reports ASAP if there is a good solution for this. I have 40000 claims (120,000 pages) that need to be mailed out ASAP.

Please, please help me! I am sure you have had this problem before.

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2 Answers

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Former Member Oct 18, 2017 at 08:27 PM

Hi Matti,

Yes. It is possible in crystal report. Either you can create multiple groups (Each one for your no of pages) in crystal reports and set the property that display each group on new page.


You can create multiple subreport for each page and club into main report and set the property to display sub report on new page.



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Brian Dong Oct 18, 2017 at 08:59 PM

Hi Matt,

It's possible and I've done it. The problem with using Crystal Reports to do this your report must fit within the boxes properly otherwise your clearinghouse/insurance will reject it. The version I created could be printed to a plain Text or onto an actual HCFA form. I have to customize the spacing for each of my clients and test on the form. Each line and character has to match up almost precisely.

If your client orders new forms, it has to be aligned again because no 2 printing batches are exactly a like. I've tried underlaying an image of the CMS1500 on the report but in order for that, you have to be approved to generate the form. Using the proper shade of red, etc. Also have to have the back side printed so now it has to be 2 pages instead of 1.

So we settled with just the plain text, which some clearinghouses accepted and are able to map, and the printable version.

FYI, it took over a year to create the report because of the specifics of the different insurances and regions. It would be nice to have a "standard" for the form but we found all insurances want different things.

The major stumbling block I can see is formatting the Header and Footers. Because you can have only 6 procedures per page, you need to make sure the header and footers do not creep up or down. I had to create a formula to that would add blank rows if there were less than 6 procedures. If there are more than 6 procedures, then it has to generate a second form.

Because you want to use a subreport, you'll need to handle this in the group header and footer.

Good luck,

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