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Dec 07, 2007 at 12:54 PM

Classloader Issue With Login Module



I have a library project that contains hibernate 3 jars which I deployed

on the server. From an EAR I can access the contained classes, initialize

and use them.

Now I created a project that contains all my persistence code. I created

a jar file from the contents and inserted that jar into a j2ee library component

which I deployed onto the server. The deployment process succeeded.

Now I wrote my login module, created a jar and inserted that jar into a

j2ee component library which I also deployed on the server. Then I

referenced and registered the new login module library in order to ensure

the module is accessed during the next login process.

In the logfiles I can see, that the module is accessed. Unfortunately it

fails, when the persistence code tries to initialize the hibernate library.

It tells me, that hibernate.cfg.xml (which is in the root of the persistence jar)

is missing. I narrowed that down to a problem with the classloader.

The hibernate configuration code uses

Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() for loading the hibernate.cfg.xml


Has anyone encountered any similar problems? Has anyone information about

the classloader hierarchy that is associated with the login process.

Kind regards,

Christian Kreutzfeldt