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How to use search in Q&A ?

Oct 14, 2016 at 02:23 PM


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Hello, I tried to search without success about this doubt.

Is there some doc, blog post, or document about search tips? (Or something like "How to search in the new Q&A section")

Some doubts about how to search here:

  1. How could I search excluding "archive" topics?
  2. How could I search filtering by tag?
  3. How could I search filtering by more than one tag?
  4. How could I search specific tag? (is there some keyword ex. "tag=" or #tag ?)
  5. Such us "sort=active&filter=unanswered", are there more keywords?
  6. How to search questions in primary tag, by specific author? (example: "Using SAP.com" user=osvaldo.lopez)


I can think of more doubts for now =)

I hope someone could help me, I can't find something.


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2 Answers

Jerry Janda
Oct 14, 2016 at 04:12 PM

Hi, Osvaldo:

First, thanks for the feedback. I'll do my best to answer.

You may find useful info on searching here: http://go.sap.com/community/about/questions-and-answers.html -- although I'm afraid the filtering options you're requesting aren't available as described.

I can tell you that filtering has come up in Idea Place, but not necessarily with every point you raised. (Here's an example: https://ideas.sap.com/D37709.) You're welcome to suggest ideas and vote for the ones related to yours. Here are the instructions: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/05/reporting-bugs-and-providing-feedback-after-go-live/

Let me go through number by number...

1) A variety of filtering options are being discussed, but not this one specifically. I can make note of it, but I should point out that the vast majority of answers will come from the SCN archive. So we think most users wouldn't want this filtering option just yet.

2) Filtering by tags is a high-priority feature.

3) I believe the filtering tags mentioned above in 2) would also apply here.

4) I'm afraid this isn't available, although we will be providing a list where you can access tag pages directly.

5) There is an option to sort answered/unanswered. Is there another sort option/filter you're wanting?

6) This can be done, but not cleanly. If you go to a Tag page you follow (here's Using SAP.com:

http://go.sap.com/community/tag.html?id=486157991894093153608181816584982&SearchTerm=notifications&tag=type:question ) and search for the author's name, you should get the results you want. But you'll also get results if the author's name appears in areas other than the byline, so it's not ideal.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. Please feel free to ask related follow-up questions here (or perhaps check to see whether the questions have been brought up in othe Using SAP.com discussions). Also feel free to submit ideas that may not already be covered in Idea Place. You may also want to check the list of captured feedback to confirm whether you're concerns are already under consideration: http://go.sap.com/community/about/beta-feedback.html

Thanks again!


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Hi Jerry,

I have read your reply above. I have also recently downloaded the Tags Excel which was provided recently. But the thing is according to the Tags concept, I think it came into scenario for the reason that sometimes we have issues in SAP-SD & at the same time that matter is also somehow related to SAP-MM, which upon reading any user question, we can purely understand/realize this matter & hence only the Space concept got removed & Tags concept came place. Correct me if I am wrong. Please do so. So what I can see that there are mandatory option as Primary Tag & also there are secondary tag. But I think there if without Space & Tags, we are to use only Tags, then the above scenario has to be allowed to use both MM Tag as well as SD tag in Primary Tag area, considering that there are multiple sub-tags under both MM & SD for secondary Tags option fulfilling or any other similar Tags.

I will also try this matter in Idea Place.




Hi Kaushik,

If you tag it with SAP-MM in the primary tag and SAP-SD in the secondary tag, the question should appear in both content/filter pages.


You can also tag it with your own custom tag as well SAP_MM_SAP_SD it will appear there as well:



PS: I'll delete my test question shortly.


Is Ideas the new term for System Change Request?

I do software development for a living and I can see the face of my customers when I tell them that they can submit their requests through our Ideas system...


Sorry, must be the frustration I'm experiencing right now with the new site.


Thanks Jerry. I can't understand how SAP "go-live" with this all new platform and nobody know how to search in the site.

It's like going live with "SAP S/4 Hana" and don't know how to use it. :(

So... there is no documentation for new platform. :(

John Leggio
Oct 14, 2016 at 05:09 PM

Hi Osvaldo,

Use the global search for now: https://onedx.find.sap.com/landing

And then filter by type: Question

That should find only questions created in the new Q&A platform.

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