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Former Member
Dec 07, 2007 at 07:24 AM

DTP Process issue



I have selected the "Valid Records Update, Reporting Possible (Request Green)" in DTP and have put <b>10,000 records in "Maximum Number of Errors per Pack".</b>

My current <b>data packet size is 40,000</b>.

This DTP I am using to load data from one DSO to another. And it is a full load.

In the respective transformation, I have written some master data validation code (ABAP) in which I am raising the <b>exception RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE CX_RSROUT_SKIP_RECORD if validation fails</b>.

In ideal scenario, system collects up to 10,000 erroneous records <b>into error stack</b> and if number of errors exceeds more than 10,000 then it makes whole request RED.

BUT in my case as soon as first erroneous record encounters, whole request is becoming RED.

I have other data flows also in my project which have similar process but all of them are working fine. It seems some this is wrong with this particular DTP flow only. I have compared all the setting in this DTP with other DTPs and everything is same. Also, I have deleted and created new DTP multiple time for this flow but no luck.

Can you help on this, please ?