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Dec 07, 2007 at 07:00 AM

How to Copy from Billing document F2 to Credit or Debit memo?



I know the Menu path for copy control of billing document to billing document which is as follows

SPRO IMG -Sales and Distribution -Billing Billing Documents -Maintain Copy Control of Billing document --Copy COntrol: Billing Document to Billing Document where I give the Source and the target.

Now I have a scenarion where F2 invoice has ForTrade/Customs information in the Header of F2 invoice which can be viewd through VF03->Header->ForTrade/Customs tab.

Now that inforamtion has to be transferred to CR/DR which is now not being copied although I have set the copy controls between the billing document.

So, can anyone help me by providing the information for the following questions?

1.How will I acheive the copy of Foreign trade to CR/DR from F2?

2. When I copy from F2 to CR/DR, which all information from F2 will be copied to CR/DR?

Thanks for the help.

Anupama Rao