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Dec 07, 2007 at 06:29 AM

ICWC Nagivation Link


Hi All,

I have a scenario whereby on click of a button in bupasearchb2b view, I have to confirm account (with predetermine account) in the background and navigate to interaction record straight (bypassing bupadetailb2b). I have done the comfirnation part. Problem now is that the navigation doesn't work. I have created an outbound plug 'showIRec' to nagivate to irec and added this in the BuPaNavigationalLinkGlobal.xml

<NavigationalLink name="showIRec">
<Source viewRef="BuPaDetailB2B" outboundPlugRef="showIRec"/>
<Target viewRef="IRecReason" inboundPlugRef="inboundPlug"/>

But the nagivation is not working, the view still remains at BupaSearchB2B. Anyone done similiar scenario?