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Dec 07, 2007 at 04:56 AM

Workflow task TS50000075 for MSS PCR


Hi Workflow/MSS experts,

For example, in PCR worklfows we have the Application - ISRFORMAPPROVE. This is a standard Application from SAP. Task

TS50000075 is configured in SWFVISU for this application which helps in getting the workitem to the UWL for the approval.

Now, my requirement is to create a custon workflow and instead of using the standard task TS50000075, I would like to copy task TS50000075 and use it in my workflow to perform exactly the same job as done by TS50000075. I do not want use TS50000075 here so want to make use of the copy of TS50000075.

I would then replace this custom workflow with the standard one in QISRSCENARIO for "Request for separation". So when the scenario is trigerred system should use my workflow and then the copied task to send the workitem to the UWL for the managers approval.


Will copying TS50000075 and using in my customm wokflow help?

Do I need to make another settings after copying task TS50000075?

I have configured the copied task in SWFVISU.

I get the workitem in the UWL of the approving manager. When I try to approve from the managers inbox system launches the R/3 transction to execute the workitem and nothing happens. It should open up the Webdynpro application with the adobe form to approve it.

I have gonethrough the below thread and understand the scenario i am trying is possible:


Any help is highly appreciated.