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price condition exclusion

Dear people,
I would like to ask you for help.

We have pricing procedure like this:

10 PR00 condition class - B prices, basic price, always present in pricing procedure
20 ZPRO condition class - B prices
30 ZPR1 condition class - B prices, seasonal price, not always present in pricing procedure
40 BO01 condition class - C expense reimbursement
50 BO02 condition class - C expense reimbursement

I have two exclusion groups
Z001 with PR00 ZPRO
Z002 with BO01 BO02

In customizing is set exclusion D between these groups.

There are three scenarios:
1) PR00 only is active (ZPRO, ZPR1 not present) => BO01 and BO02 are deactivated as expected
2) ZPR1 only is active (PR00, ZPRO not present) => BO01 and BO02 are activated as expected
3) problematic one
- PR00 is present, but deactivated by ZPR1 - PR00 = Inactive because of subsequent price - KINAK = "Y"
- ZPR1 is active
- BO01 is inactive - Condition exclusion item - KINAK = "A"
- BO02 is inactive - Condition exclusion item - KINAK = "A"
Here the inactivated price condition affects exclusion - with a wrong way. When I delete PR00 manually, BO* conditions are activated. Is there a way how to convince SAP not to use inactivated price conditions in exlusions? Maybe I did something wrong, but I have no idea how to fix it.

Thank you,
David Pla┼łanský

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1 Answer

  • Oct 20, 2017 at 10:13 AM

    Hello David,

    it took me some time to prepare an example in a sandbox, which is why the response comes at a time when you might have given up up waiting.

    I think that I got it working, but first lets make sure that I got the business case right.

    You have different conditions for determining the base price - PR00, ZPR1 and ZPRO. Which price will be used depends on priority. From what I understood if there is ZPR1, it should deactivate PR00 and ZPRO if they are determined. If there is ZPRO it should deactivate PR00.

    If there is active condition for base price PR00 or ZPRO the business does not want to apply the rebate conditions BO01 and BO02.

    Did I miss any important case or misunderstood what is the expected outcome? Let me know if this is the case.

    The idea that I tried in a sandbox is instead of relying on last price logic to use condition exclusion groups for base prices and restructure the position of conditions in the pricing procedure a little bit.

    This is how my procedure looks now (it was just for testing your case which explains the mess and):

    The names of my pricing conditions are different from yours because I did not want to mess up my existing conditions, but I hope that you will understand the idea when you see the mapping.

    On the left I mentioned the names of my pricing conditions, on the right are the ones that you have in your system.




    Here are my exclusions:

    The additional exclusion groups that you see contain just one condition type with the same name as the group ID.

    1) ZPR1 active, ZPRO and ZPR2 not determined ->BO01, BO02 inactive.

    2) ZPR2 active, ZPR1 and ZPRO not determined->BO01, BO02 active:

    3) ZPR1 determined, inactive, ZPR2 also determined, active->BO01, BO02 active:

    I have one more item:

    4) ZPR2 deactivates ZPR1 and ZPRO->BO01, BO02 active:

    I hope that I did not mess up the example with all these name mappings, because when I read my post, it looks quite confusing.

    Anyways, try out the idea of using exclusion groups for the base price as well.

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