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Enhancing BPC for S/4HANA standard InfoObjects with new attributes

Hi Folks,

I'm working with BPC for S/4HANA, and trying to enhance the SAP Standard Content InfoObject /ERP/MATERIAL. Specifically, I am trying to add several new attributes to be used for planning. I am having trouble.

I created a new Calculation View in HANA, which builds upon the standard view FCO_C_PRODUCT and joins in some new attributes taken from tables in S/4.

When displaying data in HANA, everything looks as I expect. (I have removed some data contents):

However, when I switch out the old source HANA View for InfoObject /ERP/MATERIAL, and assign the new fields accordingly, I am now unable to see any Master Data, save for a handful of values which appear when selecting "Show Values without Master Data".
Nothing from my view is coming through.

Each of the new fields have been mapped to corresponding new InfoObjects which have been added as Attributes to /ERP/MATERIAL, and which match the data types of the Calc View (I double checked).

Now the original fields from FCO_C_PRODUCT are still unchanged, the only difference is the additional fields which are joined in. So what could the issue be?

For additional information, here are the settings of the new Calc View:

This is very frustrating to troubleshoot at the moment, and I have tried all the main things I can think of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


cv1.jpg (136.5 kB)
cv2.jpg (58.6 kB)
material1.jpg (103.3 kB)
material2.jpg (140.2 kB)
no-md.jpg (57.1 kB)
cv3.jpg (75.5 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Oct 18, 2017 at 07:25 PM

    Hi Elliot,

    When you execute the standard do you get the standard attributes values e.g.: Material Group, Type?

    How's the other attributes info objects? Do they have master data? Did you assign a hana view to them as well?

    Try testing with "Default Client" as "session" as well.


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    Former Member
    Mar 08, 2018 at 07:40 PM

    Hi Elliot- I agree with what Lucas said, it is the session client setting in Calculation view.I had this issue and I resolved it by changing the Client.

    Lucas: I have a question further to this. I have done exacly what is explained by Elliot in steps above. When I transport the changes to QA system, mapping between /ERP/MATERIAL with Custom calculation view is missing.

    I have transported the Calculation view, they work fine in Qa, I can see data. However the mapping between /ERP/MATERIAL to Custom HANA Packages is not getting identified, I can see SAP standard packages in mapping but not the Custom ones.

    Any tips?

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    • Thanks Arun, I have not been able to test the client setting myself yet as we went to a different system, but if you have confirmed this works, I have accepted Lucas's answer.

      I believe Lucas will not see your question because you have provided a new answer, rather than a reply under Lucas's comment above. Have you transported the /ERP/MATERIAL InfoObject as well as the Calc View? If you only transported the Calc View, the assignment will not automatically be brought across. Just a thought, as you did not specify.