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WebIDE Deploying Application to ABAP repository - ignoring certain files

Hello all,

I have a simple question regarding deploying a WebIDE application to the backend ABAP repository. When updating the application (to ABAP repository) I would like to update only these files that had been changed - right now WebIDE sends the entire project even when using the "update" command. Is it possible to somehow configure the project to update only the files, that had been changed?

If this is not possible, then Is there maybe an opportunity to add some specific files to the "to be ignored" list? When uploading to git repository I can use the gitIgnore for such requirement, but when deploying to ABAP I did not see this kind of opportunity.

Any help is appreciated,

Thank you,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Nov 21, 2016 at 03:13 PM


    Deployment of application to ABAP repository from Web IDE is updating the entire application by design for the following reasons:

    1. Unlike Eclipse, SAP Web IDE is not using ABAP repository for source control management. The recommended approach for source control management in Web IDE is to use Git. Git repository can be easily created on HCP or as an alternative, it is possible to use Git on premise.

    2. In some cases the application requires a build process. In such cases a "dist" folder is created in Web IDE and the contents of this folder are deployed.

    3. To provide a proper support for delta deployment (only for changed files), it is required to pull all the files from the ABAP repository and compare their content or time stamps. This is needed to avoid conflicts between multiple developers working and deploying the same app.

    Currently there is no support for "ignore list" similar to git ignore list.

    I can suggest an alternative - if the application is using build, then you can define which folders and files will not be packaged by the build.

    This can be done using "Build Configuration" in the project settings. This setting is available for projects with "SAPUI5 Client Build" project type.

    As a result these files will not be deployed.



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