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Average calculation in Hana

Oct 17, 2017 at 05:37 PM


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we have forecast data in weekly format.

In each row we will have 26 columns ,each column represent weekly demand qty for that material.


Material w1 w2 w3 .....w26

Now we need to create a calculated column which will give an average of 26 weeks.if its a simple avg then we can write like below.

Calculated col=(w1+w2+.....+w26)/26

But the denominator in the above formula should change for each row according to the number weeks which has demand.

Ex:for a given material out of 26 weeks if only 23weeks has demand and other 3 weeks as zero demand then we have to divide the sum by 23 but not 26.

Any help /input on this is really appreciated.

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