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Dec 06, 2007 at 08:15 AM

Activating Workflow for Change Documents



I am working in cProjects 4.0 on ECC6.

I am working on the scenario of automatic email generation when change document is created for project element.

I have used sample workflow WS28700006 and following settings have been made :

1. Make the required settings in the SAP menu under Tools → Business Workflow →

Development → Definition Tools → Events → Event Creation → Change Documents


a. Overview (transaction SCDO)

Enter DPR_PROJECTS in the table.

b. Define Workflow Properties (transaction SWED)

Enter the following data:

Change document object DPR_PROJECT

Leading table in change document DPR_PROJECT

Change document key with structure DPR_PROJECT

Action: Change X


Function module BAPI_BUS2175_OBJECT_KEY_SET

c. Linkage (transaction SWEC)

Enter the following data:

Change document DPR_PROJECT

Object category BOR object type

Business object type BUS2175


On change X

In cProjects I have I have attached word document, and another user changed it and changed document again checked in again with overwriting the old one.

But no workflow triggerd. In SWI1 transaction I cannot see any workflow triggered.

Is there any problem with workflow and process or changing document in cProjects is not write ????

Can someone help ????


Niraj Sikligar