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Dec 06, 2007 at 07:59 AM

PP Scenario Mapping help Needed


Hi Guys

Can anyone please help to map the following scenario?

<b>Scenario:</b> SAP PP

<b>Product:</b> Ingot

<b>Size:</b> Ingot 100 X 100, Ingot 125 X 125, Ingot 160 X160

<b>Grade:</b> A, B, C,……

<b>Saleable Item:</b> Ingot100 X100 Grade A, Ingot100 X100 Grade B, Ingot160 X160 Grade C etc. (i.e. combination of Grade & Size will determine the saleable items.)

<b>Characteristics to determine Grades:</b> Carbon%, Phos%, Mn%,………


1. Planning scenario make to Stock and stock will be maintained size and grade basis(e.g. Ingot100 X100 Grade A = 110 TO, Ingot 100X100 Grade B = 124 TO etc.).

2. Planning will be done at Ingot level.

3. Batch no will be used to track the heat number during GR of Billet.

4. There will be a BOM & Routing to produce Billet.

5. Size and grade will be determined during quality Inspection i.e. as per MIC (Carbon%, Phos%, Mn%,………etc) value.

<b>SAP requirement:</b>

1. Planning Strategy for Ingot.

2. In which Stage production confirmation will be carried out.

3. Process mapping for saleable items.(Whether it’s necessary to open individual material code for each saleable items. If yes what will be the planning strategy for saleable items. But if no what will be the mapping)

4. Costing basis (at Ingot level or at saleable item level? If at saleable item level then what will be the cost components in between Ingot and saleable item level)

Looking forward for any valuable suggestion.

With Best Regards

Soumya Das

SAP PP-PS Consultant


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