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Using datalinks in BFC to transfer data

Oct 17, 2017 at 12:21 PM


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Hi experts,

we plan to migrate our BO Objects Financial Consolidation from Oracle to SAP HANA. In addition we implement S/4HANA and a SAP BW on HANA system. We want to implement the following data flows

  1. Extracting balance sheet data from S/4HANA to BFC
  2. Extracting the consolidated balance sheet from BFC to SAP BW

For the data extraction between S/4HANA and BFC as well as between BFC and SAP BW we want to use a data link.

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to use BFC datalinks for loading from S/4HANA into BFC?
  2. Is it possible to use BFC datalinks to push data from BFC into a SAP BW on HANA system? Would that be possible using FIM instead?

Thanks for your help!



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2 Answers

Marc Kuipers
Oct 23, 2017 at 11:08 PM

Hi Frank

1. No, this is not possible. DL cannot have HANA as a source.

2. Extracting with DL would also be impossible.

FIM can certainly use FC as a source system and BW and HANA can be targets. It really depends on your requirements. BW is really an OLAP engine, where FC natively runs on a relational DB. So, you may get issues with roll-ups etc. (e.g. FC will store data, even for a 'parent' accounts. If you extracted data on 'base' members, BW would aggregate based on a hierarchy, so it rolls up natively. You should then not extract data from FC on that parent, as you would see doubling). Obviously, all this can be handled in the design of the ETL job.

There is another tool, called Cube Designer, which sole purpose is extracting data from FC and create OLAP cubes (it can deploy to MS Olap cubes, SAP BW and HANA views.)

This may be something interesting for you, you can get more information here:


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Hi Marc,

thanks for your answer!

Regarding #1:

I'm refering to the following document: Interoperability with S/4HANA

It states, that data links can be used to extract data from S/4HANA. This statement conflicts with your answer, saying that it is not possible to used data links. Can you please clarify?

Regarding #2:

  • Does the Cube Designer require an additional licence?
  • What are the technical prerequisites of using the cube designer (systems and versions)?
  • Can the Cube Designer store data in an Embedded BW of S/4HANA?
  • Can the Cube Designer store data in a BW/4HANA?

Best regards,



Hello Frank,

#1 - Ok, wasn't aware of that. I suppose it will link to HANA then.


- Not sure on licensing. I believe cube designer is packaged within FC itself. But please check with SAP Sales and/or account representative on this.

For the other questions, please check the following documents


Former Member

Hi Marc!

Thanks for your answer and your help!



Jun 06 at 04:35 PM

Dear Franck,

Since SP06, you have to possibility to use the S/4 Hana interoperability.

To have more info, you can look at the what's new video

Best Regards,


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