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Is there any view to access the MCUSERNAME field from MC_USERS table in SAP IDM?

Oct 17, 2017 at 10:02 AM


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Our main aim is to get the users who is only developer or developer Administrator in SAP IDM Studio from Any view.

We are able find the information from MC_USERS able but we need to get the information from any view as our runtime user don't have any privileges to access the table.

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1 Answer

Matt Pollicove
Oct 18, 2017 at 11:41 AM

Hi there,

I am not 100% sure what your use case is (most of my work is still on 7.2) But if you need information you can either do a From Database pass or maybe even a from Identity Store to get the information that you require.

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I am writing job with only one To Identity Store pass by running the Sql query (where i am using this table to exclude the users from list users ) and performing delete operation on reset by selecting the change type as delete on MX_person entity


So you want to delete every identity except those that have developer rights?


I would like to delete the users who don't have any roles and users who are not admins and developers in MC_USERS table



first you need to grant select access to table mc_users to MXMC_rt_u. then try this SQL

SELECT A.mcMSKEYVALUE, B.mcOtherMSKEYVALUE, C.mcCreated FROM idmv_entry_simple A WITH (NOLOCK) LEFT JOIN idmv_link_ext B WITH (NOLOCK) ON A.mcMSKEY = B.mcThisMSKEY AND B.mcOtherOcName IN ('MX_ROLE', 'MX_PRIVILEGE') LEFT JOIN mc_users C ON A.mcMSKEYVALUE = C.mcUserName WHERE A.mcEntryType = 'MX_PERSON' AND B.mcOtherMSKEY IS NULL --AND A.mcIdStore = 1 AND C.mcCreated IS NULL

it will return the result you need.




I believe there is no related view for mc_users table, as stated by chenyang, please grant access to the respective table