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S_ALR_87012357 Report does not populate additional field FLD 1.


I have implemented the BAdi 'FI_TAX_BADI_011' and 'FI_TAX_BADI_014' to populate the Purchase Order value on the additional field(FLD 1) for the TAX report of transaction S_ALR_87012357. The PO populate if I run the report for multiple company codes (for 1 country specific) but it does not populate if I run the report using multiple company code(Using Different country) specific. Could you please help me, why it does not populate the PO field if I use multiple company codes of different country on the screen?

Note - I have implemented the BAdi for those country that I need to see on the filter condition.

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  • Have you tried debugging it?

    Sorry, this question is not very clear, it does not show your code or any BADI implementation details. Not sure how it could be answered on SCN without such information...

  • Former Member Jelena Perfiljeva

    Hi Jelena,

    Thank you for your response. Below is the details.

    I have implimented the BAdi "FI_TAX_BADI_014" for the transaction "S_ALR_87012357" to populate the field text as PO number instaed of Fld 1. The code I have implemented for the BAdi method "MODIFY_FIELDCAT" is below.

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  • Oct 17, 2017 at 07:33 AM

    Hi Ashis Mohapatra,

    Tax is at country level. If you check the BAdi, country field LAND1 just field not a internal table. If you want to run the report for different countries, you need to further enhance the coding by getting the country value from table T001. Then populate the country value for different company code line item.

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    • Former Member

      Hi KK Lam,

      You are correct. I receive the below response from SAP.

      RFUMSV00 is run for multiple countries here (quite unusual, as normally tax is reported by country); therefore the parameter G_BUKRS_LAND cannot be populated, and so all the country-specific BADI implementations are not called.

      I would question here the customer's approach not to run RFUMSV00 by country.

      Now I am closing this thread. Thank you KK and Jelena for your support.