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Usage of EvlWhseItem in EWM


Can anyone explain the usage of Evaluate Warehouse Item in storage type search, storage section search and storage bin type search in SAP EWM.


Ramesh Natarajan

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2 Answers

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    Oct 16, 2017 at 11:50 AM


    I am afraid Jobi means something else then the field you are referring to, as this has not really something to do with slotting, at least AFAIK.

    The evalution points can be used to modify the typical putaway search, that is the sequence of storage type - storage section - storage bin type.

    Following example, where we stick with just two objects, storage type and storage section.

    You have storage types 001 and 002, both with section S01 and S02. In both storage types you want to use S01 for the fast moving items, slow movers should be in S02.

    No using the standard pattern (find a storage type, then the section in this type), you find at first 0001/S001, then 0001/S002. BUT for a fast moving item, which you might allow in S002, when there is no space available anymore in S001, you would prefer to find storage type 0002 and section S001 in there. And this is what you can do with evaluation points.

    In this example you give 0001 10 points and 0002 20 points.

    The section S001 in 0001 and in 0002 you give 10 points, the section S002 in both storage types you give 50 points. The system adds these points and sorts the storage type / storage section according these points. And the one with the lowest combinations wins.

    0001 (10) + S001 (10) = 20 points

    0001 (10) + S002 (50) = 60 points. And this is less good then

    0002 (20) + S001 (10) = 30 points.

    The less points, the better.

    In order to use this, you need to set the points (and you can extend this to the storage bin type) and set the flag "Val. f. Bin Determin" in the setting "Define Warehouse Number Parameters for Putaway".



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    • Former Member

      Hi Juergen,

      Thanks a lot for detailed answer. I understood and got it exactly what I'm looking for.


      Ramesh Natarajan

  • Oct 16, 2017 at 05:31 AM

    It is Slotting index.

    The system compares the current storage type, storage section, and storage bin type with the optimal parameters from slotting. When doing this, it analyzes how well suited the current parameters (storage type, storage section, and storage bin type) are to the product. If they are not optimal, the system proposes an optimum storage bin.

    When searching for an optimum destination storage bin (destination storage bin determination), the system uses search sequences for storage types, storage sections, and storage bin types. The entries in the search sequences are sorted by the slotting index and in descending order.

    You can assign a slotting index for each step in a search sequence in Customizing. The first entry in a search sequence should not have a slotting index so that a storage bin with an optimum storage type, storage section, and storage bin type has a slotting index of zero.

    In the case of rearrangement, the system first tries to propose an optimum storage bin (with a slotting index of zero). If this is not possible, the system proposes an alternative storage bin with the next lowest slotting index. The system only proposes an alternative storage bin if its slotting index is lower than that of the current storage bin.

    You can identify the most urgent stock transfers on the basis of the following data:

    â—‹Slotting index of the current storage bin

    â—‹Difference between the slotting indexes of the proposed storage bin and the current storage bin

    The system also displays the number of empty bins per storage type, storage section, and storage bin type as part of the analysis.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Jobi,

      Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm looking for EvlWhsItem settings to change the search sequence of storage type and storage section during put-away WT creation.

      Ramesh Natarajan