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Oct 14, 2017 at 11:33 PM

Error message HUDIALOG107 from Goods Movement DN(HOD)


Hello Team ,

We are trying to unpack DN which is assigned to Handling unit managed storage location and this storage location is not WM managed. When we unpack and try to save, the system throws error message "HUDIALOG107-Within the delivery, posting change not possible for stocks.

I tried deleting assignment of HU and deleting the DN and it worked . In this case, the Handling unit is still in Handling unit Managed storage location and I need to use VLMOVE to transfer back the stock to the required storage location. I am just wondering how the partner storage location comes into play here. When we unpack, system supposes to post the stock back to partner storage location automatically(thats my assumption) and in this case, it's not.

Kindly clarify if unpacking DN is not allowed in Handling unit managed storage location and the only way is to delete the assignment and then delete DN. Also, let me know how the unpacked material automatically get posted to Partner storage location. The DN type is HOD- Outb.Deliv.GI Mvmnt which is created when we issue the goods with 261 mvt type from the HU-managed storage location.

Thanks in advance for your immediate response.