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Oct 13, 2017 at 08:21 PM

Retagging very old posts - why not just delete?


Some very old (2016) posts started to surface suddenly in different tags. Not sure why but I'm guessing they were posted in a wrong tag and just got moved.

Is there really any value in keeping these old questions? I seriously doubt anyone is still waiting for an answer after almost a year. For example, this one was on top of Q&A list and I almost went on to answer (just to say that it seemed very odd) but fortunately noticed it was dated November 2016.

Would it make more sense to just delete such questions? Exception could be made for a few technical ones but 99.9% of the old resurfaced posts I've seen are either obsolete or just RTFM / not enough info questions.

Keeping them just adds to the confusion and "digital landfill" IMHO.

Thank you!