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Is it possible to have multiple MAAG codes for the same PCN?

Oct 13, 2017 at 02:53 PM


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We sell some products with a variety of optional licensing arrangements, for example subscription license vs. perpetual license. Accounting relies on MAAG codes to assign revenue from a product item sale to the right G/L, so currently we are replicating PCNs to support multiple MAAG codes. For example, we have a product with PCN ABC123 which is sold under two licensing arrangements, so we have had to create PCNs ABC123-S and ABC123-P to support them both. This increases support and maintenance effort and raises risk of errors.

Is there an SAP function or configuration to map several different MAAG codes to the same PCN so that we don't have to create redundant PCNs to support the different MAAGs?

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What is PCN

What is MAAG

You should at least once explain un-common terms with its long description (always remember here are a lot non-native english speakers)

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